Garden Supplies I’ve Used and Recommend


Please note that the links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links. I will earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase through one of these links.  The recommendations and information I provide for each product are based on my personal experience and opinion and I only include products that I have personally used and found helpful. 

As a first-time gardener, I made a point to only use plants, supplies, and decor that were relatively easy to grow.  This has allowed me to grasp the basics of gardening and get a feel for type of landscape I am working with at our new house.  Here are some plants, gardening supplies, and accessories that have been extremely useful in boosting my confidence as an amateur gardener!

Garden Decor

Metal Shepherd’s Hooks*

I bought this set of four miniature shepherd’s hooks from Amazon so I could add lighting to my garden space.  Standing only 35 inches tall,  the stakes root in deep enough into the ground so that I have never had issues with strong winds.  Their shorter height allows them to be virtually invisible or prominent depending on your placement and preference.

Two of them have been outside since mid April holding lanterns*.  In my garden, one sits discretely between two rose bushes and the other is in a smaller flower bed.  The paint has stood up to some mid-spring bouts of frost, rain, and direct sunlight.  As a matter of fact, I have not had to adjust either one since placing them, making them a reliable addition to my garden decor.

Solar-Powered Lanterns*

I LOVE these little lanterns!  I wrote a little bit more about them in an earlier post, Waiting on Some Warm Weather.  The battery charges via solar panels during the day.  Once the sun goes down, the LED lights up automatically. There is a switch to completely turn the lantern off if you wish.  Do not purchase these if you are needing a space  brightly lit.   However, they offer a nice decorative touch.

They are super light in weight and I was skeptical about how they would stand up to the elements.  I’ve dealt with frost, rain storms, strong winds, and high heat.  Despite months outside hanging* in my garden, these lanterns have proven to be waterproof and I watch them power on night after night.  I will be ordering more of these as I continue designing up my flowerbeds.

Soil Meter*

This instrument was crucial in understanding the type of soil I was working with.  I could determine how different plants would perform in my garden and how I would need to amend the soil.  It features a pH meter, humidity meter, and a light meter and easily changes function via a 3-way switch.  Each meter is very sensitive and so far, I have found it to be reliable and consistent.

I continue to use it to make sure my flowers are getting the correct amount of water.  I highly recommend this product for beginning gardeners who are still trying fine tune a watering schedule! Check out my post about watering woes, Cut the Water Works!

Landscape Edging*

Landscape edging is a simple way to neatly enclose the flower beds in your garden.  I used these edgers as a border for my walkway and to keep mulch from spilling over onto my driveway.  All I needed to install them was a rubber mallet (preferred over a hammer so you don’t damage the plastic).  For longer borders you will need to go back periodically during installation and even out some of the pieces.  Other than that, setup is pretty easy and I am pleased with out it looks!  See part of the border shown in my IG post!