Tube Vase Stands and How I Style Them

If you’ve seen or purchased any of my tube vase stands from my Etsy shop, then you may think they are limited to plant decor.  However, if you’re not into plant propagation, that is perfectly fine!  Let’s take a look at a few of the different ways you can style these stands to fit your home decor.

If you are reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about then feel free to check out these two pieces in my store:

Glass Tube Plant Stand

Hexagonal Glass Tube Plant Stand

1. tube vase stand style: plant propagation

Hexagon Plant Stand

Yes, I am starting with the obvious because this is my favorite way of using the tube vase stands.  Like I said, if you aren’t into propagation then skip down to the next section.

There is nothing wrong with growing your cuttings in a plastic cup (like I typically did) but why not put them on display in the meantime?  The vases are six inches deep making them perfect for decent length cuttings.  The narrow tube vases also keep the foliage from getting wet.

2. tube vase stand style: cut flowers

Hexagon Stand with Cut FlowersInline Stand with Cut Flowers

Cut flowers is also an obvious use but I am including it because I like how differently flowers can be arranged between the inline and the hexagonal stands.  If you are looking for a more minimalistic way to display cut flowers then I recommend the inline stand. It’s perfect for simple, clean, straight lines.

The same can be achieved with the hexagonal stand however, I find it is better used to create a fuller look.  Am I horrible for deconstructing the flowers my boyfriend got me for Valentine’s? I am going to go with no.

3. tube vase stand style: lamp/NIGHT LIGHT

Hexagon Stand with Lighting

This has to be my second favorite decor application, particularly for the Hexagonal Stand!   When I was heavy into electronics, I LOVED adding LED lighting anywhere I could.  Not much has changed there so naturally I stuck some LED lights in my tube vases.  And naturally…I loved it.  Now you’ve got a sophisticated nightlight or dinnertime mood lighting.

4. tube vase stand style:  sand art

Sandart in Tube Vase Stand

Have you ever been to a local craft market and made a funky sand art piece? I am told those are meant for the kids but…whatever.  I still enjoy playing with colorful sand. Making it part of my home decor just adds to the fun!

5. tube vase stand style: DECORATIVE pebbles

Decorative pebbles in hexagonal stand

This decor option for the tube vase stands is similar to the sand art.  However, if you don’t like the messiness of sand, decorative pebbles (or tiny seashells) might be more your thing.

My tube vase stands feature a neutral color palette. You can use colored sand or pebbles to easily add a pop of accent color to any space.

mix ‘n match

There is nothing saying you can’t combine any of the above decor uses to create your custom look.  The possibilities are endless and I would really love to see what you all come up with!

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