Succulents: Trying Them Out for the First Time

Title: Trying Out Some Succulents

Succulents are supposed to be fairly easy to grow.  Keeping them alive will let me know if I’m cut out for this gardening hobby (the jury is still out on that one)!  I wasn’t really interested in adding succulents to my garden, in the house, or anywhere else for that matter.  I knew virtually nothing about them and Mom never really had succulents around the house (that I can remember). 

why now?

It wasn’t until I watched some videos on assembling fairy gardens (Garden Answer Fairy Gardens playlist – yes, I have watched all of them) that they caught my attention.  Succulents are perfect for these little arrangements and things like wreaths because (after some education on them) they are easy to plant (sometimes as easy as drop-n-go) and easy to water. This spoke to both my practical side and my fantasy-fiction side so I have started with a small potted arrangement (no fairies yet — coming soon).

Furthermore, there are so many interesting color varieties, odd shapes, and sizes!  I realize that can be said about all plants but this post is about succulents.

getting family involved

Finally, this particular genre of plant peaked my boyfriend’s interest. Instead of me going off on a flower-buying spree and getting a sigh and a head-shake when I bring home my loot (which is how this usually goes), we actually picked a few succulents out together.  It was a nice change (and I reserve the right to blame him for any succulents purchased in the future — just saying).

I won’t lie, I did have to veto some of his choices.  That sounds bad but some of his succulent picks were a tad on the extra-weird side.  Side note:  other vetoed choices regarding the garden included a Humpty Dumpty Spruce that he absolutely loved one morning while we were nursery-hopping (that sounds weird out-of-context).

Humpty Dumpty Alberta Spruce
Humpty Dumpty Alberta Spruce photo from

I may have to cave on this one eventually but (dear God I hope not!) we’ll see.  Sorry to anyone who shares my boyfriend’s affinity for the Humpty Dumpty Spruce.

UPDATE: Check out a later post, A Humpty Dumpty Surprise! to see how this turned out.

succulents i started with

Back to succulents.  I originally didn’t take photos of each plant individually because it was pretty hot that day.  So this the best I could get of each after they were in the soil.  In any case, here is a list of what we left the garden center with:

Hens and Chicks
Hens and Chicks
Ghost Plant Succulent
Ghost Plant/Graptopetalum
Sedevaria Sorrento
Sedevaria Sorrento
Crassula Variety
Crassula Variety
how to plant SUCCULENTS

The process of getting these together was fairly simple.  I bought this turquoise ceramic pot a while ago and thought it was the perfect size for this.  Next was to procure some Cactus, Palm, and Citrus potting mix.  Why does this specific subset of plant have its own type of soil?   Succulents really need super well-drained soil and this potting mix does just that.  Hooray!

Plants and Cactus Soil

Now to plant!

For the most part, it was an easy task.  I don’t even think I wore gloves for this project. I had to be super careful with the crassula plant though.  Its plump, water-filled leaves kept popping off with just the lightest touch.  Getting it into the soil was a little frustrating after a while BUT there is a silver lining!

Supposedly you can root leaves that pop off simply by sticking them back into the soil.  I may get more plants from this!  We shall see.

These particular succulents are drought tolerant. However, they require regular watering and shade until they sufficiently root into the soil.  Even then, they benefit and do a little better with a good watering every so often (also not fully sure what that means, see Cut the Water Works).


Overall, this arrangement turned out great.  I honestly have no idea what the growth rate of succulents are so it’s anyone’s guess as to if I’m doing this right.  I sure hope so!  Once I get some fairy dealies in there I will post an update!

Potted Succulents

What are some succulents you’ve used in your arrangements?



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