Easy-to-Grow Flowers for Amateur Gardeners

Top 3 Reasons Why I Think Supertunia Flowers are Perfect for Amateur Gardeners

Starting my first season as a gardener, although exciting, has not been without its challenges!  Easy-to-grow plants and flowers that require low maintenance are extremely useful as you build your knowledge of plant-care and gradually move up to more advanced gardening projects.  Proven Winners Supertunias® weren’t the first in my garden but I sure wish they had been!  Here are five reasons that these easy-to-grow Supertunias have helped grow my confidence as a new gardener.

1. Self-cleaning/No Need to Deadhead

what is deadheading?

Anytime I have grown petunias (or any other flower), deadheading has become an automatic task.  Deadheading is the process of removing old flowers before they go to seed.  This allows the plant to send more energy towards producing new blooms. It’s common practice for keeping your plant colorful throughout the season.


The process of deadheading is slightly different than shearing or cutting back the plant to encourage fuller growth.  It was only this summer that I was introduced to the concept of cutting back my flowers mid-season.

And let me tell you… cutting beautiful blooms off of my petunia plants was TRAUMATIC.

I’m not kidding, you guys.

I thought I had committed the worst gardening sin EVER.  It felt so wrong and there was some serious anxiety at play here. What’s worse is that, in an effort to be transparent about all of my gardening endeavors, I had posted it on Instagram and Facebook for all to see my tragic gardening faux pas (or so I thought).  I hadn’t realized how ‘easy-to-grow’ these flowers were.

Being the self-critical person that I am, I was waiting for the rash of comments about how I killed my petunias – one of the easiest plants to grow – and the WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?.

Instead, I was met with affirmation that this heinous thing I had just done was, in fact, normal and beneficial for the plant. Sure enough, with water and regular plant food, it bounced back after a few weeks.

Hanging basket of flowers: petunias


Back to deadheading.

I keep that same hanging basket of petunias just outside of the gate to my front porch.  Almost without thinking, I am reaching up to pull off whatever spent blooms I can get to as I head to or from the car.  I think Andy expects it at this point.

The problem with deadheading flowers

When you start talking about deadheading a large number of plants, however, this task can really get time-consuming.

Or sometimes there are bees all over your flowers and you’re just not willing to risk picking that one bloom with the angry bee.  It happens.  I’ll probably write about how I love gardening and still hate bugs in a later post.

In any case, as you get behind on deadheading, you’ll notice your garden becoming overridden with green foliage instead of the bright colors we all love to enjoy in the summer.  As a new gardener, this can feel overwhelming (I am recalling the daisies I need to deadhead as I write this post). Here’s where Supertunias® have helped!

why supertunias are awesome

Supertunias® do not need to be deadheaded and they will continue to produce beautiful blooms.  This removes at least a small part of your garden chores. Yes, I use the word chores.  Like any other activity, there are always tasks we would prefer to do over others.

The self-cleaning feature refers to the fact that the plant will rid itself of old, dropped blooms through natural causes, keeping your plant looking fresh!

2. Perfect for containers or in-ground

Personally, I have only ever planted Supertunias® in containers as I did not have a huge amount of ground space to work with at the beginning of the season (I will after cutting back some hugely overgrown Japanese Spirea shrubs this winter – can’t wait!).

So far, I have had great success with them in a ceramic container.  Honestly, I’ve almost forgotten about them (except for fertilizer) only to turn around and find they still look great!  Having a great looking garden even while making amateur mistakes — like forgetting to water — is a life-saver.  See my post Cut the Water Works.

Supertunia Bordeaux flowers

I have also seen them used as gorgeous ground cover in many of Laura LeBoutillier’s videos!  I am so excited to try it out next year.  These flowers do so well in the ground and in a variety of containers.  That makes them a no-brainer for me starting out.

3. Quick visual appeal

As I discussed above, sometimes you have to cut back your flowers to encourage more blooms throughout the season.  After seeing how my hanging basket performed, I decided to cut back the Supertunia® Bordeaux™ and Black Cherry™ varieties that I brought home.

They bounced back pretty quickly!  I didn’t have to worrying about having an unsightly-looking plant in my garden for very long!

Supertunia Black Cherry flowers

An easy, beautiful-looking garden space goes a long way towards boosting your confidence! Easy-to-grow is the way to go!

What has boosted your confidence as new, or even established, gardener?

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