Flowers I Used to Spruce Up the Patio

Flowers I Used to Spruce Up the Patio

One thing you should know about my garden design plans is that they change…constantly.  However, when I come across something I just have to have, it tends to stick.  Here are some flowers and plants I loved!

my inspiration for this project

In one of Laura LeBoutillier’s videos, she planted up a few containers with spiral topiaries and flowers.  I recommend watching the whole video but here is the part that inspired this project.  Laura is particularly skilled in creating flower arrangements — an area I need a lot more practice in.  She not only encourages experimentation with colors but educates on compatibility (plants with similar water and light requirements).   If you haven’t watched it, you should, and everything else she has on her YouTube channel Garden Answer.  Just saying.

why i loved it!

Anyway, as a flower base, she included Proven Winners Supertunia Royal Velvet and Sweet Caroline Light Green potato vine and I FELL IN LOVE INSTANTLY.  It’s the color that does it for me.  The contrast of the deep purple with the vivid green tied together with a simple white was extremely intriguing and I knew it would be somewhere in my garden!

Petunias, osteospermums, and sweet potato vines
Looks so good even just a couple weeks after planting!
how I used it in my patio space

I wasn’t able to find the Royal Velvets (at the time, I hadn’t personally experienced how awesome Supertunias were or I would have looked harder — see my post Top 3 Reasons Why I Think Supertunias are Perfect for Amateur Gardeners) so I instead substituted just a deep purple petunia.  As a centerpiece, Andy picked these Cape Daisies (osteospermum) with beautiful blue centers!

Cape Daisies in full bloom
Look how gorgeous these are! Andy may or may not have taken this photograph.

I planted up a couple of matching planters with this combination to flank our front steps.  Since then I’ve run into some water issues.  Sweet potato vines love water and the sprinkler in the main bed didn’t reach the far container.  These poor vines relied on rain or my remembering to water it after work so it started to struggle.   I used moisture control potting soil and it helped, but know that it is no substitute for regular watering!

Planters on side of porch steps
I photographed this few weeks later after everything had grown out more. Notice the sweet potato vine in the far container not performing well.

The visual appeal the arrangements brought to the patio is amazing and this won’t be the last time I use this combination!  Next time, I’ll be sure to get a hold of some Supertunias!

Do you have any favorite flower arrangements in your garden?

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