Easy-to-Grow Flowers for Amateur Gardeners

Top 3 Reasons Why I Think Supertunia Flowers are Perfect for Amateur Gardeners

Starting my first season as a gardener, although exciting, has not been without its challenges!  Easy-to-grow plants and flowers that require low maintenance are extremely useful as you build your knowledge of plant-care and gradually move up to more advanced gardening projects.  Proven Winners Supertunias® weren’t the first in my garden but I sure wish they had been!  Here are five reasons that these easy-to-grow Supertunias have helped grow my confidence as a new gardener. Continue reading “Easy-to-Grow Flowers for Amateur Gardeners”

Pansies? Wimps? Not Even Close!

Bring on the Pansies

It’s been established that I may or may not have a problem when it comes to impulse-buying flowers.  It doesn’t help that there is a cute little flower shop directly on my walk home (I make sure I’m conveniently on the correct side of the road).  Unfortunately this purchase did not involve that shop but another nursery in town.  Wilson Nurseries had a BOGO sale on their pansies and I had a lot of space to fill in the garden…need I say more? Continue reading “Pansies? Wimps? Not Even Close!”